Digital X-rays

Montreal Family Dentistry is always trying to improve the way we perform dentistry. By introducing digital radiography (X-rays) into our practice, we strive to provide a better dental experience for our patients.

This latest technology uses a specialized digital sensor (replacing the traditional films) that captures images of your teeth and sends them directly to the computer screen, next to the patient’s chair. The image is seen in a matter of seconds.

Digital radiography has multiple advantages over traditional film X-rays:

Less Radiation

Digital X-rays produce up to 90 percent less radiation than the traditional film X-rays. We aim to reduce the amount of exposure that our patients receive during their appointments by using digital X-rays and the proper lead shields.

Higher Quality Images

Digital X-rays provide us with higher quality images. We can zoom in and enlarge specific areas of the X-ray, change brightness and contrast, as well as invert colors. All of this helps diagnose dental diseases before you even know they exist and helps prevent pain.

Environmentally Friendly

Digital X-rays eliminate the need for lead foil, chemical processing and disposal of hazardous wastes (used to process traditional x-ray films), thereby presenting a “greener” and “eco-friendly” alternative.

Electronic storage

Digital images can be stored easily in electronic patient records. This allows us to quickly copy and electronically send your X-rays to referring specialists, other medical professionals and insurance companies for faster dental claim reimbursement.